Alex Northey
Principal Consultant -As a former Grocery Store owner of 7 years and several years in the Waste & Recycling sector, Alex is quickly being recognised as an innovator in the Facility services sector and helping his audiences maximise their recycling outcomes and lowering their costs. Alex recently implemented best practice services (1 x General Waste & 14 x Recycling) at three Colliers International ACT Facilities and actively worked with all stakeholders to explain why the services have been implemented and how to use them correctly. Alex is also an accredited NABERS Waste for Offices & NSW EPA Bin Trim Assessor Assessor.

Melanie Northey
Customer Service Manager – Melanie has experience in Hospitality, the Property sector, Federal Government and more recently as a Grocery Store Owner. Melanie was also instrumental in designing a new tool to help Cleaners improve their recycling outcomes, that will be launched into the marketplace very soon.



With over 20 years experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry - in Distribution, Manufacturing & Retail roles and more recently working for Australia's largest Waste Management Supplier, we know how to help our Clients to avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of their waste as efficiently as possible to minimise your waste costs and reduce your impact on the environment.
At CanBiz Consultants we are here to help create an even and fair playing field between the Client and the Waste Management Supplier and have developed specialist Term’s & Conditions that can be inserted into the supplier service contracts to create win-win outcomes between all stakeholders. We understand that your Waste & Recycling needs will change over time and in turn so should your services – “nobody should have to pay for air”.
Often services are suggested by the Waste Management Suppliers to suit their needs and not the Client. By not having the correct bins and service frequencies you could be missing out on a opportunity to save over 30% on your existing Waste & Recycling costs. We are the only Waste Consultancy focused on educating all stakeholders on how to use the bins correctly and have developed two innovative solutions to communicate this information.
We take the following approach with all of our Clients to help you reduce costs and minimise your impact on the environment.

Invoice Audit
To establish your service; types, pricing, frequencies & Trading Terms.

Assessment & Solutions
Reviewing bin contents and installing best practice services

We educate all stakeholders on how to use the existing & new services correctly


  • Waste & Recycling enclosure designs to ensure you are maximising your recycling outcomes
  • Full Facility Assessments reviewing; enclosures, Kitchens, Printing & Common Areas
  • NABERS Waste for Office Assessments

Bin Trim Assessor
Waste For Offices

CanBiz Consultants provides innovative Waste & Recycling solutions across most industry sectors including but not limited to; Property & Construction, Hotels & Clubs, Aged Care, Automotive, Education & Government.
Our Clients often receive a short return on investment (ROI) with recurring savings and sustainability improvements every year once services have been set up correctly.
Where space and appetite allows we are able to implement up to 14 x Recycling and 1 x General Waste service and then educate all Stakeholders on how to use these services correctly utilising two innovative solutions to communicate this information.
In 2019 we saved our Clients over $579,000 in annualised waste costs from approx. 190 Assessments in 2019 and diverted 2,960m3+ of new recyclable material from Landfill. 37% of these savings came from just 10 x Facilities.

NABERS Waste Assessments
We offer several assessment options all designed to help you increase your recycling outcomes and lower your costs. Starting with a waste invoice assessment and then reviewing your waste enclosure, kitchen, printing and common areas you will quickly learn how easy it is to improve your sustainability outcomes.

We can provide up to 14 x resource recovery solutions for our Clients and work with the smaller service providers to facilitate these services. There are many “no brainer” solutions that we can help you implement, to ensure your waste ends up in the right bins and being recycled into new products.

After we have set up your Waste & Recycling enclosure services correctly we will then educate everyone including the Cleaners on how to use them. We have two innovative ways to communicate this information.