• Consider engaging an experienced Waste Consultant to undertake an “Opportunity Audit” on your General Waste Bins to help identify any missed recycling opportunities that will help you to increase your recycling outcomes and lower your waste costs
  • Using Clear Liners for Commingle Bins will help you to identify any contamination in the bin before it is emptied into a larger bin
  • Pallets can be turned into garden mulch if they can’t be re-used or re-purposed (please e-mail CanBiz Consultants for contact details)
  • Coloured plastics can be dropped off for free at Coles & Woolworths stores – look out for the Redcycle Bins located at the storefronts
  • Bucatini Pasta Straws to replace plastic straws (approx 1hr before the Pasta straw goes soft in a cold beverage)