About Us

After running our own business for several years, we have identified an opportunity gap in the local Waste Management marketplace. Our goal is to help businesses and organisations across the ACT & NSW reduce their Waste costs with our various recycling solutions.

We pride ourselves on service and innovative solutions and we are now applying this to the Waste Management Industry.

Some recent examples of our innovative Waste Management solutions;

  • Re-Purposing coloured plastic car seat covers in the Automotive Industry into sleeping mats for the Homeless

  • Recycling the foam from used couches into carpet underlay

  • Providing a timely solution to recycle 1,000+ Office Chairs for a large Federal Gov Client

  • Educating our Clients to use clear liners for their Commingle (Mixed Recycling) bins to help identify any contamination before it is emptied into a larger bin

  • Providing an enduring sustainable solution to the Education sector by re-purposing materials destined for landfill from local industry and charitable organisations

We look forward to increasing your recycling outcomes and lowering your waste costs.

Alex & Mel Northey