Alex spent the time to fully understand our Waste & Resource Recovery needs and then ensured we had the right bin types and processes in place to maximise our recycling outcomes. This was also combined with several Recycling Educational Tool Box talks across the network for our employees. Alex even helped us find a home for our Servicing car seat covers, that are now being re-purposed as sleeping mats for the homeless.

Chris Mullins – General Service Manager, Canberra Toyota


We were tendering for a large Federal Government contract and needed to find a home for 1,000+ used office chairs that couldn’t be re-sold. We gave Alex 48hrs to find a workable recycling solution. Alex made several inquiries on our behalf to various commodity recyclers and in turn, suggested that we de-construct the chairs back to their commodity components. As a result, we were able to recycle 80% of metal and hard plastics from these chairs.

Bob Fenderson – Managing Director, designcraft Hume


We were fortunate enough to have Alex review our total operations and he was able to identify a number of missed recycling opportunities. After the new recycling services were put in place, we have been able to reduce our waste costs by more than 40% from 12 months ago.

Kylie Greenwood, Envoprint


Alex has delivered some of the best service we have seen from a Waste supplier in a long time. He regularly goes out of his way to ensure we get the services delivered as quickly as possible, for our operational requirements.

Sam Tannous – Construction Manager, Willemsen Group


As one of ACT’s most awarded Hotels for it’s Recycling initiatives and outcomes, we needed to find a home for some of our couch cushions that were being upgraded. After discussing with Alex, he used his networks to think outside the box and was able to recycle & re-purpose 50% of the foam material as a carpet underlay.

Tim Murdoch – Facilities Manager, East Hotel Kingston